You are more important than your diagnosis. People are stronger than they believe.

Question everything until you know for yourself it is true.

One size fits all; often does not.

Jonathan McComas
My approach to therapy focuses on you and what you decide will make your life better. Our overall goal will be to increase the happiness and peace in your life. You are more important than what you may have been “diagnosed with."

At an early age I displayed a natural curiosity for knowing how everything worked. I was that constantly asking questions child. What do flowers eat? Why is the sun hot? Why do we have to stand up at church? I would often take the door knob or radio apart to see how they worked. I quickly “learned” from my parents the value of knowing how to put things back together.

As I matured, my interests expanded to wanting to know how people worked and why we do what we do. Understanding what influences people’s decisions has led me to look at the influence of biology, society, business, history, religion, and spirituality among other areas.

Sometimes life has a way of sucker punching us, and nothing in our past has prepared us for the current difficulties we experience. Sometimes everything we tried doesn't make things better. But, what I do know is people are stronger than they know; or believe. And we are capable of overcoming hardships. I will attempt to genuinely understand and listen to what it's like to be you.

My therapeutic practice includes such styles as Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral, Existentialism, Neurobiology, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic and Solution Focused. I incorporate knowledge and training from professional counselors I have studied, along with the information I've gained from other areas. I'm curious about everything, and have genuine care and compassion for people.

I work with individuals, families and couples. I have experience with anxiety, depression, autism, gender identity, trauma and substance use.

My office hours are by appointment, Monday through Thursday, 9am-7pm; Friday, 9am-3pm; and Saturday, 9am-1pm.

I sincerely hope we can increase the happiness and peace in your life.

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