Each of us has intrinsic worth and our hearts and psyches have the ability to heal.

Trauma, loss and toxic relationships may deeply wound, but healing can be cultivated in an environment that affirms each person's uniqueness, value and dignity.

Where the response to suffering is compassion and hope, the goals of the individual – not the therapist – inspire the therapeutic process.

Marisa Costa, MET, LPC
My work with adults of all ages draws on the expressive arts, motivational and strengths-based therapies and cognitive behavioral and trauma-informed therapies. One of my passions has been exploring the ways in which the expressive arts – visual art, drama, music, movement, writing – touch us deeply and express emotions for which there may simply be no words.

The resilience of the human mind and spirit has long inspired me. In the course of my own spiritual journey, career path and travels I've witnessed resilience in diverse individuals and cultures with their distinct challenges and adversities. Resilience can manifest in healthy expressions of disclosure and coping, ways of cultivating gratitude, the discovery of personal gifts and strengths. With resilience in mind, I hold hope for my clients when they may not be able to yet hold it for themselves.

For many years I traveled the country working on film and video productions for PBS, including conservation projects. I‘ve lived in Boston, Santa Fe, D.C. and New York. And I’ve been fortunate to experience profound moments in extraordinary places - the Parthenon, Stonehenge, the Grand Canyon.

My twenty years in mental health care include helping individuals to address depression and anxiety, manage stress, survive trauma, move through the grieving process, practice self-care, confront relationship issues, and explore spiritual concerns.

I have learned that the process of healing is multifaceted and never-ending.

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I encourage you to call me at the Center (412-241-8552) or write me directly with the form below; I welcome the opportunity to offer hope and compassion for your journey.