Just as every person is unique, each of our professional counselors has a special approach. Browse our directory below to meet the individual members of our team and their diverse therapeutic techniques.

All of our licensed counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists and clinical social workers are dedicated to understanding mental and emotional health, including depression and anxiety, stress, self-esteem, grief and trauma, relationship concerns and dynamics. Licensed professionals ensure that you receive treatment only from persons qualified to practice and who demonstrate continued competence and continuing education. Each of us also upholds the highest code of professional ethics.


All of our counselors consistently strive for the highest ethical standards and can be counted on as trustworthy allies.


We believe in protecting the sanctity of your privacy. Our relationship with every patient is confidential so that you are never hindered when opening up to the therapeutic process.


The best possible care is our aim. All of us at the Center believe compassion for a fellow human being is fundamental and indivisible from our role.



















The Center for Counseling Arts

Where the quality of care matters & counseling is an art