Me: A Poem About Wholeness

by Terri Fessler, LCSW

Behind these eyes there is a me,
who looks for love and dignity.
A me who's wounded, dark, alone.
A me who wants for love unknown

And when the me stands watch for this,
a doubt glooms round that love exists.
Then me believes it worthy not;
for love unfound and love unsought.

A broken me turns inwardly to grieve lost love and dignity.
Soul churns and struggles for its dream.
Then heart within bursts forth a seam.
And from its deep a voice unknown, sings out its presence wayward home.

"I love you, me. I wait inside for you to see my love abides.
Come often then,
and fill with grace
til me knows joy and finds thy face.
Then look upon thy face in thee,
and love the one who sought the me.
Lend me your eyes that they might be
reflections of my love and me.

And when another with downward gaze,
and shame on shoulders seeks love's face,
make your eyes a pool for them to wash,
and rest and enter in.

When this you do, remember me.
Your healing comes, your wholeness be.
No longer wounded, dark, alone.
Your me has found its journey home.
Eternal blessing wrapped in grace,
was mine to give and yours to face.

The love you sought, my heart hath sown.
The grief you felt. My heart hath known.
Together now, we live. We sing.
One gift of love, one offering."

Behind these eyes, there is a me,
who knows of love in certainty.
A me that's full. A me that's free,
to love and be loved tenderly.
In this loving my home shall be.
I thank thee, Love, for holding me

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