Love's Repeated Design

by Terri Fessler, LCSW

I've been thinking about the human journey and wondering if it is repeated in all of creation.

Study a tree, reshaping in the seasons, and you’ll see symbolic patterns. We come into this life with codes for wholeness inside. Through recreations the designs of the seeds are revealed season after season.

By repeatedly living through the forces in our journeys we learn to allow our consciousness to grow in us. We begin to allow the energy and the mystery of completeness to speak to us through the steadfast transforming power of love.

Today I breathe in this awareness. By the unknown and the beautiful collective witness of the signs that encourage us, I relearn that we are all one in the same journey. I am open to new joy because our capacity for wholeness is secure through all our moving, is crafted deep inside of us as the seasons change and is as certain and grace-filled as love's repeated pattern of design.

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